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We made Badass Tote Girl,  Badass Tote Guy and Badass Shop + Café for everyone.


Badass Tote Girl is a dynamic tote bag business that has been making waves in the industry for the past four years. Founded in November 2018, our company was born out of a deep love for tote bags and a vision to redefine their purpose.


Inspired by the practicality and cultural significance of tote bags in Asia, where they are used as main bags rather than "extra bags" or "eco bags," we are on a mission to change the way people perceive and utilize tote bags. At Badass Tote Girl, we celebrate the unapologetic spirit and aim to empower individuals through our products.

YOU are welcome here.


We love collaborating with friends and other brands that feel aligned with ours. So if you see anything out of the ordinary, we just have a knack for creating things that make sense to us. We hope you love them too!

Our Badass community is one of the greatest things to come out of this little venture.

If there's ever anything you want to share, we're here for you. Just leave a message on Instagram or email us back anytime.

We're always looking for ways to be a better brand for our customers and the planet.

Here's how we're making our small impact:

Every tote is made using the best and most durable materials. We keep quality and style in mind for every product so they can last years.

We try to do our small part in reducing plastic pollution. That's why we only use 100% home compostable mailers for our packages.


All our totes are locally made and handcrafted in Antipolo. We feel strongly about helping and supporting local artisans. Your support allows us to support them as well, so thank you!

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